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Industrial Design & 3D Printing


Whenever I’m asked, “What do you do?”  I answer, “I’m an industrial designer”.  Increasingly, the response is “3D printing?!”

Bingo! Well? 3D printing is part of what we do, but I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t own a 3D printer, yet.

Ratio practices product development as a team of specialists. We’re participants in the design process. We understand our roles and know when we’ll work with the next specialist. Ratio develops innovative products and as a result, every product we work on is unique. We first draw and model innovative product solutions long before the resulting parts are ready to emerge from a 3D printer.

We’re delighted see people how many people equate 3D printing with the product development profession. The immediate gratification of 3D printing makes it appear very exciting.  When you’re ready to see the part you have been working on manifest as an item, a thing to evaluate and improved, it is a thrill to see your part print.

We request 3D prints for many the components we engineer, but we would prefer to leave the process of the 3D print to a specialist who knows their machine. Depending on the end result we are looking for, we consider a variety of 3D printing systems. When we’re ready to make prototypes, 3D printing is one of options we consider to produce parts. We look at each component and the material type we are trying to emulate. We want to see the part, but we also want to learn as much about how the part performs functionally to make final improvements moving forward.

Soon enough we will see an affordable 3D printer that does it everything we could ask. Until then, we are going to leave our 3D printing to our specialists.  If you could print something, what would it be? Let us develop help you develop your product idea. Contact Ratio to learn more.