Ratio Product Lab


Industrial Design & Conceptual Product Development

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PHASE 1: IDEATION Sketch to Final Illustration

Ratio Product Lab is creative product development resource for new and established product brands. We design great products through research, conceptual innovation along with mechanical & electrical engineering. We also provide our clients with prototyping and manufacturing assistance.

Mechanical Design & CAD Engineering

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PHASE 2: CAD Engineering components & Assemblies

Ratio will use a well conceived product illustration to create the geometry for mechanical components. We consider the most simplified part we can produce. This simplicity is based on known production capabilities in order to prototype or to manufacture the parts affordably.

At Ratio Product Lab, we understand mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis and electricity. These core principles, along with tools like computer-aided design and product lifecycle management, are used to design and analyze a variety of products. This can include transport systems, watercraft, robotics, medical devices, heating and cooling equipment, food service equipment and more.

Our designers and engineers use the latest computer-aided design (CAD) technology, such as Solid Works and Fusion 360. A physical prototype may be created when the mechanical design process finalizes in Phase 2. If there are unforeseen issues or changes to be made to the first prototype, the product design can be resolved in CAD to ensure problems are eliminated before manufacturing.

Product Prototyping

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3D printed MODELS and native materials for parts and Assemblies

Ratio will bring a number of products to market every year and no matter the product category, one consistent in finalizing the design is prototyping. At this stage, we learn more about assembly, component fit and what is conceived in a CAD environment, perform as expected in their physical manifestation. We use a variety of technologies to perform these one off productions. Printed as well as machined components are considered based on project requirements.

Rapid prototyping is the best way to verify geometry and validate the product's functionality. We print components to ensure details are working as intended. Initial prototype models may be produced at a standard resolution with common materials. Final parts may be printed on machines that yield very high resolutions components. Depending on the requirements, we may CNC the part from the native material specified for the final product to verify all of the details prior to production.

Manufacturing Guidance & Production Adminstration

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Sourcing Manufacturing Partners from Around the United States and Across Asia

Ratio conducts large volume manufacturing both domestically & overseas. We rely on trusted manufacturing and production alliances across the globe, but also have outstanding resources in the Southeast. Ratio has been fortunate to work with some of the most talented local model makers, 3D printers, custom fabricators, manufacturing, production & assembly groups.

Our resources allow Ratio to strategically align your product goals by providing you with the best team for your product strategy, from appearance models to engineered product with low to high volume production requirements we have the right partner.

Ratio has assembly facilities to finalize product fulfillment with components sourced from around the World. We utilize clean-room systems that allow for the assembly of complex optics and precision assemblies for a variety of product types.

If you require product design, prototyping or manufacturing support, Call Ratio at 678-772-7136