We Are:

Creative problem solvers & solution seekers. We work with our Clients to materialize new products based on a range of insights; from one person's napkin sketch to a broad consumer trend consensus, concepts may be developed through ongoing Client collaboration or by responding to highly developed, product specification requirements. We even find unique ways to exhibit new technologies in fun, function and useful products.

We Provide:

Creative resources for design and engineering requirements for a wide variety of industries. Our knowledge of product requirements and product solutions in core markets such as consumer, commercial and industrial. This variety allows our team to connect product solutions that have applications for additional products that may be new to an industry.


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Concept Development:

We will provide you with a multitude of concepts that are able to solve various problems. Having multiple iterations for a single solution is vital for a successful project.


A concept means nothing if it cannot be made into a functioning prototype. We can help take the idea in your head and make it into a real & scalable product.


Once you've decided to distribute your product to the world, we can use our contacts to fulfill your manufacturing needs.




We believe that the product development process is made of three equal parts. Each part is integral to the overall success of the product. We have spent many hours trying to optimize our design process so that you can sit back and relax while your ideas become a reality.