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We Design & Engineer Innovative Products

Collaborate with industrial designers & product development engineers

Our team collaborates with our clients throughout the design process. We discover ideas with our clients, in initial overviews and after in depth research, through concept ideation & brainstorming to more formal sketches and working prototypes. Ratio will seek to improve or expand on your idea, develop illustrations that show product features, create 3D models in CAD and 3D print components to innovate around known or new technology, engineered thoughtfully with final assembly and manufacturing in mind.

Ratio delivers innovative solutions to new inventors & established brands

Our multidisciplinary team creates new product ideas and develops them into practical product solutions. We provide industrial design concepts through brainstorming exercises and a creative development process that generates disruptive product solutions. Our product research methods allow us to quickly understand the market and identify product improvements. We use hand-sketched drawings to provide product conceptualization which communicate options to our Clients. Ratio’s design and mechanical engineers work in 3D solid modeling software, verify models with 3D printing & assist with strategic prototype production and electrical integration. Our electrical engineers develop product performance requirements, electronic design and board layout and assembled board fabrication. By providing services including product and patent research, product concept visualization, industrial design development, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as manufacturing services, Ratio is better able to offer our clients a turnkey product design and manufacturing fulfillment service.

Product Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing Clients

Ratio has been fortunate to work with clients in consumer, transportation, construction, healthcare, logistics, communication & industrial markets. We develop products with a great understanding of a number of industries and wide-ranging client products which allow us to see innovation as an opportunity to deliver disruptive products.

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