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Product Prototyping

Product Development Prototyping 

Rapid prototyping is the best way to verify geometry and validate product functionality. Ratio will 3D print components to ensure details are working as intended. Initial prototype models may be produced at a standard resolution with common materials. Final parts may be printed on machines that yield very high resolution components.

Depending on the requirements, we may CNC the part from the native material specified for the final product to verify all of the details prior to production. We might also employ low volume or manual tooling to accomplish a true injection molded part in the 10s quantity. We produce cast urethane components in the 100s and steel tooling for product quantities in the 1,000s or 10s of thousands as product launch ramp up may require.

3D printing technology is advancing at an exponential rate and the capabilities we can offer now allow us to print parts in materials like PEEK, PAEK, HIGH STRENGTH NYLON and Metals like stainless steel.

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3D Scanning


Ratio can assist with 3D scanning which allows us to take handmade components and bring them into the digital environment.